Анджелину Джоли пригласили преподавать в Лондонской школе экономики

Actress, Director and goodwill Ambassador of the UN for refugees Angelina Jolie will read to students at the London school of Economics a course of lectures on the impact of global militarization on women.

One of the most famous universities in the UK, the London school of Economics, got a rare chance: one of the new courses on women’s rights will lead Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie).

Jolie will be a guest lecturer in a new Center of women, peace and security, which will appear at the school. A special course of master’s program starts in the fall of 2016 and includes the disciplines of “Women, peace and security, Gender and militarization, Gender and human rights”. The actress will lead a course devoted to feminism.

“I am very pleased with the appearance of such a program. I hope that other educational institutions will follow the example of the London school of Economics, as it is very important to have an open discussion about women’s rights and to end impunity of crimes such as sexual violence, stresses Jolie. — I’m looking forward to when they start their duties and will be able to share with students their own experiences”.

Together with Angelina Jolie will be taught by former British foreign Secretary William Hague (William Hague), the Amnesty International human rights Jane Connors (Jane Connors) and Secretary General of the International League of women for peace and freedom, Madeleine Rees (Madeleine Rees).

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