Angelina Jolie was discovered unconscious at home

Анджелина Джоли была обнаружена без сознания у себя дома
The actress was urgently hospitalized.

Angelina Jolie


As reported
Australian weekly magazine NW, last month
Angelina Jolie survived a serious health crisis. According to the available
information, being at home in Los Feliz, she suddenly fainted.
Who exactly is called “fast” — some older children or a maid — not
reported. However, we know that she was taken to the hospital for examination. Diseases that pose a direct threat to life, she discovered
was not. But doctors had warned Jolie that she was extremely malnourished and this may
foreseeable future, to cause serious problems.

How to claim
girlfriend 42-year-old Angelina, her condition is understandable. Jolie suffers from insomnia
and loss of appetite that weakens her physically, and leads to exhaustion of the nervous
system. She refuses to acknowledge that something is wrong. But friends
and friends are very concerned about her health. Extremely anxious and brad pitt,
divorce process with which it hopes to complete in the foreseeable future. After all,
in addition, Jolie is responsible for six receptions and
biological children of the couple. Brad tries to convince angelina to go to the clinic
rehabilitation course. But she has strongly rejects this
measures, stating that she is too busy.

more recently, fans of the actress was pleased that a couple could come to an agreement on the question of custody of
children. A source in the court reported that Jolie agreed to joint custody of
kids, so brad can now celebrate a victory — after all, this is the
the option that he fought a year and a half! To this result they went
long and painful, and to reach agreement, they managed the two-way price
efforts. How the situation will develop further, will show time.