Angelina Jolie took pity on brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли сжалилась над Брэдом Питтом The actor first saw the heirs after the announcement of the divorce. It is reported that brad pitt spent with his family a few happy hours. The artist is willing to do anything to Angelina Jolie didn’t interfere with his communication with kids.

      In life brad pitt, finally, was a joyful event. American tabloids are reporting that over the past few weeks the actor first met up with their children. The Hollywood actor was not able to communicate with family from mid-September, when Angelina Jolie announced the divorce. About the conflict in the family star talk of the world.

      Despite the deep disagreements with her husband, Angelina still didn’t go with brad cruel. Upon learning that he fell into a deep depression and is ready for everything, she arranged a meeting with father’s heirs. Recall, the couple are raising three adopted children – 15-year-old Maddox, 12-year-old pax, and 11-year-old Zahara – and three biological – 10-year-old Shiloh Nouvel and the twins Knox and Vivienne, aged eight.

      For the sake of peace of their offspring Hollywood actors sat at the table of negotiations and discuss with lawyers details of the divorce. Jolie and pitt signed a temporary agreement which will run until 20 October, when the trial would take place. By agreement full custody of the children got Angelina. However, brad has a right to see heirs.

      Most likely, this decision will remain in force even further. After initially Jolie spoke with the relevant requirements. Apparently, the actress is fundamentally not satisfied with the husband’s approach to parenting daughters and sons. What confuses the mother of many children, unknown – Jolie does not communicate with the press. However pogovoryat that the root of the conflict lies in the overly aggressive conduct of pitt, who abuse alcohol and even illicit drugs.

      Recall, patience is the actress ended in that moment, when the family flew home on a private jet in mid-September. According to reports in the Western press, on Board the aircraft between pitt and his eldest adopted son Maddox has occurred verbal conflict, which ended in a fight. Case interested the police, who now finds out the details of the incident.

      Why Jolie kicked pitt: new details in case of divorce

      Apparently, brad didn’t expect that the scandal will result in a loud divorce. According to friends, now the actor finds no place and ready to perform any terms Angelina. “He constantly communicates with the staff of the family to know that they were all right. He just said: “Please look after my children, the only thing that matters to me now” – the words of pitt, his friend, who asked not to be named.