Анджелина Джоли рассказала почему удалила обе груди

Анджелина Джоли рассказала почему удалила обе груди

In 2013, the famous actress decided to take the test on the body’s susceptibility to breast cancer and ovarian unfortunately the results were not comforting. That is why the woman decided to remove two mammary glands. Yesterday, Angelina wrote a great article for a us magazine in which he described how he struggled with tumor to her mother, and how difficult it was for her to decide on the operation.

Jolie, which this year celebrated its 44 years, looked at this problem from a medical point of view, and psychological. Mother celebrities fought breast cancer for almost 10 years, and all in vain, at the age of 56 years, she left this world. Cancer fought not only the mother of Angelina and grandmother. The actress has told that was present at all sessions of chemo with my mom, held her hand and watched the reaction. The fact that earlier it was not possible to find a cure using the samples, the chemistry felt right on the body. When mother became ill, she immediately changed in the face and blushed, Jolie was realized that the drug did not fit and ran behind the doctors.

When mother died, Angelina was standing in the hallway and waited for the body of a loved one. Approached her doctor and said her mom knew about predisposition to disease and most Actresses, so asked me to give her this information. And Yes, some time later, the woman passed the tests and confirmed the diagnosis. The probability of developing breast cancer in normal women is 13% Jolie this figure is much higher – 87%. Doctors recommended to do the actress of the operation, which could prevent the development of cancer, but the woman refused and decided on the complete removal of the Breasts. In a few years, she had removed the ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Through the years, after the removal of the mammary glands, medicine found new methods of detecting cancer cells that have become available worldwide. The doctors determine the presence of cells, even those that have the ability to masquerade as healthy. So at this point chemotherapy with maintenance of the human immune system, can cure was out most of the diseased women. Angelina has told that recently her close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, although in the female line of inheritance was not. The girl is only 30 years old, but she also decided to remove breast cancer, with pre-freezing your eggs. So she showed no fear to stay without a breast at such an early age.

The actress is convinced that the new discoveries in medicine should inspire hope and to force women to fight, but 100% guarantee no one gives. Therefore, the only way she sees the surgery for removal. Angelina is sure that 6 years ago she made the right choice and will now be able to see how to grow her children and grandchildren. Because 10 years ago, her mother did not even have the opportunity to play with their first grandchildren due to a severe health condition. And grandmother all died at the age of 40 years. Jolie hopes to be able to not only see grandchildren, but to give them enough attention.

Also, the actress recalled that she often asked if she is not shy about their scars on the body. She replied: “I think that our scars remind us that we have overcome. They are part of what makes each of us unique. Diversity is one of the most beautiful things in human existence.”

In her opinion, the deepest scars are in the shower. She saw a lot of people in the clinic who are struggling with illness and they all say that the only care and support gives me strength. Angelina also believe that the biggest motivation for recovery are native people.

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