Angelina Jolie told how to live a life not wasted

Анджелина Джоли рассказала, как прожить жизнь не впустую

Despite the difficult divorce from 54-year-old brad pitt, 42-year-old Angelina Jolie continues to fight for women’s rights, to work hard and give their children more attention. In a recent interview the actress told what to do in order to live a life not wasted.

“I have work, is creativity, and every day I work on myself to grow as a person,” she says.

As we see in frequent public speaking in the protection of women and equality, Jolie believes that not only care about your personal life and work are important. She believes that it is equally important to contribute to society. “We’re all trying to find a balance. I think for this you just need to find something that you like. But, of course, if you don’t take part in something more global, not doing anything useful for society, and focus only on your life, sooner or later you will understand what is really miserable. Your life will be meaningless,” she said.

Jolie also said that over time, plans to engage in humanitarian work, where she is actively involved in, and their six children.

We will remind, on Monday the 42-year-old actress Angelina Jolie held a seminar at the London school of Economics and political science. The lesson took place in the framework of the course “Women, peace and security in practice.” Told Jolie about her experience as an Ambassador of the office of the high Commissioner UN for refugees and the measures to prevent sexual violence against women in war zones.

The actress answered questions from students about the human rights violations in areas of armed conflict, violence against women and gender inequality.

“She was pleased with the seminar. Believes that it is very useful is communication with students. Angelina hopes not only to teach them in the future, but also work together to find ways of improving the situation of women,” – said the insider.

The course began in September and will last nine months. Recall that the pedagogical plans of the actress became known in the spring of 2016, when she became a visiting Professor at the Centre for women. The network got a plan the fact that Angelina was going to discuss with students.