Angelina Jolie suspected of brad pitt cheating

Анджелина Джоли заподозрила Брэда Питта в измене According to reports in the Western media, Hollywood actress makes her husband to do a DNA test. I suspect that such a step star gave a statement Melissa Etheridge that brad pitt helped her with the birth of children.

      Анджелина Джоли заподозрила Брэда Питта в измене

      Quite a long time Western media is trumpeting the fact that the family life of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt have been a major crisis. Sources close to the family of the Hollywood stars have claimed that the actress suspects her lover of infidelity and wants to break up with him. The culprit was the recent statement by the singer Melissa Etheridge about what famous actor is the father of her children Bailey and Beckett.

      It is reported that Etheridge announced to the world that her children were born using donor sperm of brad pitt. This could happen even twenty years ago. Rumors about alleged offspring of Hollywood stars began after the performance artist in the Australian talk show, in which she called the actor’s good friend and noted that he really wanted children.

      However, this information was enough to displease Angelina. A number of foreign publications wrote that the owner “Oscar” wants to understand the situation, therefore, requires that the actor underwent a paternity test. If he don’t, she’s going to personally go to Melissa and demand answers. Pitt called this idea of Angelina “paranoia”. Other journalists have argued that information about DNA test only “false statement” and “fictional tale”.

      By the way, the other day all fans of the actress was seriously worried because of the news that Angelina was in the hospital. The cause of the hospitalization of the star became too low weight – 35 pounds. The doctors said that if Jolie still lose weight, she could die. Probably the Hollywood actress suffers from anorexia nervosa, and fallen on her worries only worsen the situation. Some tabloids even spread information that brad pitt is ready to break up with Angelina due to the fact that for a long time she can not get out of the depression, which not only destroys her from the inside, but also their marriage.

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