Angelina Jolie suspect cancer

У Анджелины Джоли подозревают рак

Latest images of the stars shocked the audience. According to rumors, Jolie weight not higher than 38 pounds…

Fans around the world are concerned. Actress awfully thin. It is not surprising that the relatives began to fear for her health and even life.

A few years ago the actress suffered from anorexia. It seemed that things went better, but no, judging by the photos, it’s time again to sound the alarm. Angelina looks even worse than then: haggard face, thin arms, protruding veins. As reported by Western media, passers-by, met Jolie on a walk with children, shy away in horror.

Numerous Western media reports that with the growth of 169 centimeters Angelina weighs only 36 pounds! Insiders also report that Jolie leads an unhealthy lifestyle: little sleep, Smoking and drinking alcohol. We will remind that last autumn a joint with brad pitt pictures where Angelina Jolie smokes like a chimney!

To reduce the chance of getting sick, she did a double mastectomy and ovaries removed. I hope that the fears of fans will be in vain, and brad pitt will make sure Angelina ate well and slept.

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