Angelina Jolie surprised the parent Committee of the school of karate

Анджелина Джоли удивила родительский комитет школы карате

After her breakup with brad pitt, actress Angelina jolie alone raising children. She spends a lot of time with them and tries to follow every move they make. actress independently lead their children to extra classes in a karate school. recently, Jolie has surprised the whole parent Committee.

In honor of all the dead, Halloween, Angelina Jolie brought to the training his nine year old daughter Vivienne in the school karate Shaolin American Self Defense Academy cookies in the form of thematic figures. Group classes attend the 12 boys, who were as surprised as their parents. “Every time he trains Vivienne, Angelina is watching her every move, looks at her daughter and smiles — that’s very nice,” says one of the parents of children about the care of Angelina.

Angelina found a way to combine my job with raising children. One parent added that during training, the actress reads a script, the content of which is currently classified. It became known that the actress will voice characters in the upcoming disney movie based on the book by Katherine applegate The One and Only Ivan. Perhaps it is the script of this picture earnestly teaches Jolie.

After her breakup with brad pitt, the life of both has changed a lot. The actress took six children and moved into a new house to begin life with new sheet. In an interview, Jolie admitted that she is not easy to cope with household chores, because early helped her former husband. “Interior design, decor, things in the house that always we did brad. I didn’t even know that I need throw pillows,” says the actress. To fully recover after a divorce, the star is trying to spend more time at home with family. “I want to make a normal Breakfast and just stay home. It is my passion. At the request of his children, go to a cooking class. When you go to bed, analyze how well coped with motherhood or medium.” admits Jolie.