Angelina Jolie spoke about their fears

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о своих страхах
The actress shared her plans for life without brad pitt

Angelina Jolie


In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie openly
talked about personal problems and how she sees her life in 10 years.
She admitted that it intends less time to devote to a movie, but a lot of travel
and implement planned projects. This information appeared on the website

“I think that my children will choose as a permanent
place of residence by different countries, so I can travel around the planet,
to communicate with them. I want to continue my charity
projects and I hope that my children will be my constant partners in this work.
Projects that I realize are associated mostly with education,
health and environment protection in poor countries. On the first such
program I started 13 years
ago in Cambodia, the birthplace of Maddox. Then
I went into Ethiopia, where Zahara was born, and then Namibia…” — said
41-year-old Jolie.

As for her personal problems, how I want to believe
Jolie, the most difficult times for her are over. “The last 10 years of my life
there were too many fears related to health and my kids. And now I
feel happy simply because she is healthy, and children too.
I hope now I have nothing more to fear!” — admitted the actress.

During this time, Jolie and in fact had to endure
a lot. In 2007 died from cancer of her beloved mother. Angelina had
a lot of nervous due to the fact that she tried to take two of her six children — Zahara and Maddox. She underwent two difficult operations, learning that
inherited the gene of his mother, which means extremely high risk of cancer
diseases. And finally, last fall she began a difficult divorce
process with brad pitt. However, although the point of “I” in their divorce is not yet
delivered, in a relationship with pitt has come a clear warming. As claimed,
the couple began again, after months of hiatus, to talk with each other
directly, not through lawyers. Moreover, they are allegedly already planning first
a joint meeting. At the initiative of brad, former spouses want to organize together
the celebration of the birth of Shiloh, which is going to be 11 years.