Angelina Jolie spoke about her attitude to aging

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о своем отношении к старению

Divorce with brad pitt does not interfere with angelina Jolie to continue its activity in the field of philanthropy, and engage directly with their responsibilities professionally. Not so long ago, Jolie became the face of the new fragrance Guerlain Mon, starred in the advertising campaign of the product.

Now, what about collaboration with Guerlain celebrity she says: “This cosmetic brand is very loved my mother, and he since childhood I associate with beauty, history and quality. So when Guerlain has offered me a collaboration, I immediately agreed. They are able to artistically create flavors that fit me perfectly”. According to representatives of the brand, Jolie – a direct incarnation of a woman who enjoys Guerlain, because they had no second doubts about my choice and think you have done it correctly.

Among other things, in an interview with reporters, Jolie spoke about their relationship to age and change in appearance. The Hollywood star admitted that she is not afraid of old age:I’m not afraid of aging. More important to me is not how I look but how I feel. In the last ten years I had to face big health problems, and I understand the value of when you just feel good and can happily smile to their children”.

Not spared Angelina and the issue of the work. she stated that she decided to revise its priorities in the future to focus more on movie, and to good deeds: “In the near future I want to reduce its participation in film projects and concentrate on charity, because this is really important and I feel the need to help people.”

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