Angelina Jolie spent Sunday with her daughter Vivienne

Анджелина Джоли провела воскресенье с дочерью Вивьен

After a noisy trial of the divorce with brad pitt, Angelina Jolie does not depart from their children. 43-year-old star can be easily seen on the streets of Los Angeles. Jolie every free minute spends with the children to go with them for shopping, walking and enjoy joint pastime. This time actress and daughter Vivienne noticed on the streets on Sunday!

Анджелина Джоли провела воскресенье с дочерью Вивьен

10-year-old Vivienne looked fine, the baby appeared comfortable in denim overalls and a dark shirt. Her mother chose a beige trench and black jeans. The couple was accompanied by a bodyguard. The walk started with a trip to the flower shop where the little girl Vivian, my mother got a bouquet. Then the star with the daughter went shopping in other stores. Mother and daughter held hands and smiled!

We will remind, the actress is not only an exemplary mother and goodwill Ambassador of the UN. She successfully combines parenting, family concerns, career and changing the world for the better! On Friday, the star took part in the meeting of the General Assembly of the world organization dedicated to peace operations in the world. It was very Patriotic and inspiring.

“This is the third such meeting in which I participate. And the first one on my own land. I’m proud to be here as an American. I am a patriot, love my country and want to see it prosperous”.

“I’m sure that the more women involved in the work of the UN, the higher will be the efficiency of the organization’s missions. Women around the world in leadership positions, take destiny in their own hands, but at the same time, the majority of victims of armed conflicts are still women. Among the refugees and victims of violence most women. We need to ensure that anyone who commits crimes against women, without exception, brought to court and punished,” — says Jolie.

And while Jolie and brad want to ask the judge about bifurcation – splitting the trial into two parts to make it possible adjudication of marital status without consideration of all aspects of business. Thus they will be able to get rid of their status, while other questions about guardianship, etc. will be addressed further. “They both will be considered divorced and lonely, but they still have to negotiate about the final decision of the court, including division of property and custody… They don’t want to be together husband and wife should move on,” – said the press insider.

Now the couple decided to pull myself together for the sake of their children. Not so long ago, Jolie and pitt were seen together in one of the offices Beverly hills. The pair has been together for about 3 hours. Jolie and pitt have something very vividly discussed, and then separately left the office. Pitt the paparazzi didn’t disappear and even a thumbs-up when they noticed photographers. The tabloids believe that the pair met to discuss the custody of children.

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