Анджелина Джоли проводит День Матери на шоппинге

In the family of angelina Jolie’s concern about child nutrition is not on the shoulders of employees, and 43-year-old actress. Mother’s Day star went along with the kids grocery shopping.

On Sunday, the United States celebrated mother’s Day. On this day, the star chose to spend time with 14-year-old adopted daughter Zaharau, 10-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

Jolie style does not change and despite the bright smile and lovely company decided to wear a black top, leather pants and high heels. From the sun Jolie saved dark aviators. The guys chose the simple outfits: white t-shirts, hoodies, and comfortable pants.

We will remind that now is moving slowly, the process of divorce Jolie and brad pitt. The Blast received a portion of the documents, which indicate the return of the name Jolie. Despite the official divorce, and a return of the names, spouses, former spouses still have to deal with some details, such as custody and financial disagreements. The documents also specified and the couple’s six children, which leaves you with two names-brad-pitt.

According to the publication, for the former spouses was very important to break the emotional connection in order to move on and start building a life separate. Therefore, the documents were produced in a hurry, private judge, hired by the couple.

Later, it became clear that brad followed in the footsteps of ex-wife and filled out the paperwork on the financial part. This means that a divorce is the end closer than ever.

Looking at the court documents, who received the publication of the Blast, the actors are now officially divorced! An important event took place on Friday. The exact details of the incident were not disclosed, but it is now known that brad and Angelina alone.

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