Angelina Jolie settles his life without brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли обустраивает свою жизнь без Брэда Питта
The actress has chosen a new family nest.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: ZumaTASS

Angelina Jolie, who have not yet completed your divorce
process with brad pitt, decided to start a new better life in the new house.
Therefore, it was chosen for the mansion to meet her

The actress opted for a kind of attractions — home
once belonged to legendary film Director Cecil de Mill. He bought this
house with adjacent plot of land of about 1 hectare in 1916 and
lived in it until his death in 1959-m. But if the famous filmmaker bought
once a mansion just over 28 thousand dollars, the current owner has requested
Jolie 24,9 million dollars! However, the actress, this price seems to be completely
not confused.

House located in Loz Feliz, near Los Angeles
spacious enough for families Jolie with six kids. Basically
the mansion area of about 1 thousand
sqm has six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. In addition, on-site
situated and other buildings: large garage, tea house, swimming pool, separate
standing pavilion, where there is not just a gym, but a real fitness center
and, of course, a large
guest house.

Latest angelina just needed, because even if pitt will fail
to achieve joint custody of children, at least visiting rights, it is unlikely to refuse. Because it’s just not warranted. Police checks
the original charges in the Jolie pitt’s address (when she claimed brad was allegedly used force against children), found that statement no evidence.