Angelina Jolie saves on housing

Анджелина Джоли экономит на жилье After the announcement of the divorce with brad pitt, the actress has ceased to lead a luxurious lifestyle. Angelina Jolie with children temporarily moved into the possession of the ex-wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards.

      Анджелина Джоли экономит на жилье

      Divorce Angelina Jolie and brad pitt are in full swing. Famous actors sat down at the negotiating table and try to solve several family issues related to children and common property. Meanwhile, in a luxurious mansion of the stars in the Hollywood hills no longer hear cheerful children’s laughter.

      According to the American tabloids, the actress with six children moved to a house in Malibu, rent of which is 95 thousand dollars per month. But then she decided that the mansion on the ocean is costing her too much, and found a more modest version.

      Friend sheltered ex-wife of Charlie sheen Denise Richards. The Western press writes that Jolie agreed to the proposal of the actress to rent her house for 30 thousand per month. It turns out that Denise has made angelina a good discount for the friendship, so the cost of housing, by the standards of Hollywood celebrities turned out quite economical.

      By the way, the new home of Jolie and her children – a pretty safe place. This fine village Hidden Hills, where the are unable to penetrate even the most professional paparazzi. At every step there is on duty security, and advanced security system immediately neutralizes any attempts of implementation in the private lives of stars.

      How did you find the journalists, the disposal of Angelina and her heirs were three pools, a cave with a grotto and a Jacuzzi, six bedrooms, large kitchen, home theater, BBQ area with oven and living room with fireplace. Furthermore, in the bowels of the mansion is the perfect wine cellar.

      Angelina Jolie received a temporary child custody

      We will remind, three weeks before the court decision, Jolie and pitt signed a contract which will run until October 20. Under the agreement, full custody of the children got Angelina. Brad, of course, also has the right to meet with his heirs. However, his first meeting will be held under the supervision of a specialist who will decide whether father to be around children, and how he conducts himself with them. In addition, the parents will be regularly held individual consultations with a psychologist.