Анжелина Джоли заявила о жестокости Брэда Питта к детям A war for custody of the children between the artists is just beginning. Angelina is the irrefutable evidence of aggressive behavior ex-husband. It is ready to use this trump card to get their way. About it tell closest friends of the actress.
Анжелина Джоли заявила о жестокости Брэда Питта к детям

The brightest of Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt filed for divorce two years ago. Financial disputes between former spouses not arise – the two richest men quickly divided the marital. However, the actors still can’t resolve the parent issue because Jolie wants sole custody of six children, and the U.S. law enforcement even more than brad, insist, boys and girls, Jolie-pitt have to deal with mom and dad. But if Jolie will prevent, it will deprive of all rights. Surrounded by the actress say that Angelina is going to fight in any way possible, even using illegal methods, and are ready to indulge in the secret diary. This was the American media told the other actress who did not want to disclose his name.

“She said that in the diary vividly describes the binges brad and succeeding outbreaks of aggression. Considering how everything is, if Angie wants to win this battle for custody, she wouldn’t have a choice but to publish,” shared a friend of Angelina Jolie.

A friend of Angelina, who wished to remain anonymous, told the press that Jolie kept a diary while still married to brad for three years. the actress has recorded all the quarrels, scandals, cases, when pitt was drunk and behaved aggressively. Including the incident that became the last straw that broke the patience of Jolie. In 2016, the plane from nice to Los Angeles pitt, being drunk, shouted and raised his hand to the older adopted son. It was after this, Jolie filed for divorce. “Angie said that the diary will be very destructive to the hopes of pitt for custody. She calls it her trump card”, – quotes an insider to radaronline.