Angelina Jolie returned to the life of another beloved man

Анджелина Джоли вернула в свою жизнь еще одного любимого мужчину
The actress once again became friendly with his father.

Angelina Jolie


Recently Angelina Jolie has again surprised his
fans. As previously reported, she recently regained contact with brad
Pitt, who had not talked with last fall. And now she’s reconciled
suddenly with her father Jon Voight!

Paparazzi managed to shoot Jolie, when she
arrived with all six of his “sons” to a popular Japanese restaurant in
Beverly Hills. And soon there appeared the father of the actress and 78-year-old Voight. After
this whole company together and had supper together, and, as testified other
the visitors, everything in between was no stress and everything went
exclusively peacefully. It looks like they all were very happy to see each other… meanwhile, the history of Angelina with
a father is very difficult. For a long time, Jolie could not forgive my father that he
left her beloved mother Marceline Bertrand. John left the family when Angelina
I was very young, and finally divorced soon after Marceline
the girl was 4 years old.

To any serious reconciliation
she only came in when Angelina became an adult. But, soon after they
the two starred in the movie “Lara Croft: tomb raider”, Voight and Jolie
again quarreled. John then said publicly that his daughter had “serious
mental problems”.

They have since then reconciled, then again clashed.
But since last fall, when Angelina started the divorce with brad, she completely broke off contact with his father. The fact that John, as claimed, stood in this story
the direction of pitt, Jolie was regarded as a betrayal. Now, Angelina,
apparently, they decided to restore the relationship with his father and again to allow him to see
grandchildren. Some fans of the actress found the reconciliation Voight, subsequent
for her recent decision to move to a house located next door to the mansion
Pitt, a sign that Jolie a little
it restores lost her mental balance…