Angelina Jolie resumed relations with an ex

Анджелина Джоли возобновила отношения с бывшим

Many of the world media believe that very soon Angelina Jolie will marry again. The name of the new chosen one yet, no one calls, but sources say that the actress is happy as ever, nothing and no one is able to place her. While some are speculating who could be the new boyfriend of the sexiest Actresses of Hollywood (at least of yesteryear), Jolie throws herself “food” to create a new gossip around your name.

Angelina resumed communication with her ex-husband johnny Lee Miller.

“Now Angelina works hard to surround himself with only those people whom she trusts infinitely. Johnny is included in this list.

“Johnny is mostly in the “States” (new York), but often dropping in the UK, where it does not waive the opportunity to meet with Angelina,” says the informant.
“Of course, we cannot say that every day they talk on the phone. But communication between Jolie and Miller present. They are both happy, probably,” he finished his story insider.

Recall that Angelina and johnny were married for only a year. Their wedding took place in 1996, and after 12 months was followed by the breakup. However, officially the actors divorced in 1999. Then the actors said that their marriage was a mistake, because they were too young.