Angelina Jolie restricted in the education of children

Анджелину Джоли ограничили в воспитании детей

Almost two years Angelina Jolie and brad pitt can finally get a divorce, but official papers were signed. The only problem on the way to the divorce involves children, which the couple cannot be divided. But it is progressing, and it is reported that the court sided with the 54-year-old actor. Now pitt can without restrictions to communicate with their children on the phone.

Анджелину Джоли ограничили в воспитании детей

“It is very important that brad can call them at any time and at their own phone numbers. Can assume that before he tried to call them but after angelina. And she either just didn’t come to the phone, or answered that they are not in place, so the court allowed him to call them without the involvement of Jolie,” — said the lawyer of the family law David glass.

Limiting the communication of children with father, Angelina may lose the right to primary custody. The actress needs to improve their relationship. “It is important that each of the six children had strong and healthy relationships not only with mother but with my father,” said the judge.

The judge insisted on the improvement of the relationship between brad and his kids, so while Angelina is filming “Maleficent 2” in London, pitt will spend 4 hours a day with children. Together with them, the father will go to a family psychologist who will be engaged in serious restoration of harmony. By the way, Jolie at the meetings not be permitted.

“The last problem was the fact that Angelina wants to make a film in Europe for several months and plans to take the kids while you work with them. Brad strongly against and strongly impedes this. He will be shooting in the summer in Los Angeles and wants to regularly see their children,” says the source.

The parents are just furious because of confusion. “It will be uncomfortable if his children will be absent for several months. He believes that Los Angeles is their home and it is here that they will be the best. Brad don’t mind kids traveling, but for much shorter periods of time,” the source said.

Previously an insider of the tabloid The Sun reported that the divorce of Angelina and brad have come to an end, the pair agreed on the terms of the divorce. “Conditions still needs to be agreed upon by the lawyers of pitt and Jolie, but it will be completed in the coming weeks. This is a huge step forward since their marriage collapsed, especially considering the charges (abuse of children. — Approx. ed.) that Angelina filed against brad. Now they are finally in a good relationship,” said an insider.