Angelina Jolie remove tattoo dedicated to pitt

Анджелина Джоли удаляет татуировки посвященные Питту

Angelina Jolie continues to sever ties with brad pitt. The actress with the children rented a house from pitt and moved there to complete the divorce process. Now, Jolie has expressed the desire to get rid of all that she somehow recalls the husband.

Angelina is going to reduce all of the tattoo that brad has at least some respect.

Анджелина Джоли удаляет татуировки посвященные Питту

“Tattoos mean a lot to Angie, it is very symbolic for her. Unfortunately, tattoo removal for reasons caused by the breakup with men already in her life. Nevertheless, Angie wants to make it happen as quickly as possible, and the possible pain worth it,” — said close to the actress source.

Note that the body Jolie has 14 to 22 tattoos. The exact figure is unknown to the General public.

During the Union with pitt, Jolie has done a few tattoos: one in the form of lace on the inner side of the thigh. The second was made as a Supplement to the already existing: on the left hand of the actress Packed columns with geographical coordinates of places of birth of all children of Angelina and a little later there appeared the coordinates of the city of Shawnee, where pitt was born.

The biggest area of fill at the moment is a tattoo that Jolie has made during his recent visit to Cambodia. On the back of the actress appeared Thai Buddhist symbols, the purpose of which is protection from negative influences and the preservation of health.