Angelina Jolie refuses from men in favor of women

Анджелина Джоли отказывается от мужчин в пользу женщин

The divorce of Brangelina a topic discussed daily by all world media. While some say that brad pitt found a new passion, which became famous in Hollywood actress, others write about what Angelina Jolie initiated the divorce due to the fact that the tied relationship with the billionaire, the name of which the wider public to know yet before.

Today the Western tabloids broke another sensational news: Jolie refuses from men in favor of women.

Recall that in the years of his wild youth, Jolie, had Affairs with both sexes. Great love Angelina at one time was Jenny Simic.

“Angelina told Jenny that I was done with men and wants to continue to explore myself with women,” said a friend of Jenny portal Radaronline, whom she shared this confidential information.

Reference: introduction to Jolie and Shimizu took place in the early ‘ 90s on the set of the film Foxfire. Later, Angelina told the press that would even marry his girlfriend, but at this time she met johnny Lee Miller and in the end he persuaded her to marry him.