Анджелина Джоли отказалась сыграть в фильме Селин Дион

Celine Dion is obsessed with the idea of making a musical film, which will be taken to her biography. The role of the main character — myself — singer sees an old friend angelina Jolie. The actress has rejected the offer of a friend to act in her film that turned into a scandal.

Анджелина Джоли отказалась сыграть в фильме Селин Дион

For several years Celine’s carrying and tries to implement the idea of creating a musical about his life. To focus film, the singer decided not to his career, as the relationship with the deceased husband Rene Angelina that I love very much. Starring singer has seen her friend angelina Jolie, but she rejected the offer. The decision of the actress caught Dion by surprise. The singer did not expect that her friend would refuse to shoot. Jolie explained her refusal by the fact that she just doesn’t have time for another project.

“For many years the main passion Celine was the creation of a musical about her life, career and marriage with Rene. She wanted to film was dedicated to her children and fans, and was caught off guard when Angie turned down the role,” — said the insider.

Insiders report that the refusal Jolie puts their friendship at risk. “Their friendship will not survive this, and the refusal of the Actresses on the level of Angie could be the end for the entire project,” said a source close to the singer.

This decision of the actress can understand, because now she rarely appeared in films. Jolie focused on philanthropy and politics. Her divorce with brad pitt was delayed, so almost all the time she gives to children to mitigate the trauma of parting. the stars do not give any comments.

Recall that three years ago the most successful Hollywood couple announced their separation. The divorce process all this time roughly lasted and did not give rest to the public. But it seems that now angelina and brad can officially call the former!

Looking at the court documents, who received the publication of the Blast, the actors are now officially divorced!

However, she Jolie have long forgotten about your ex, spend time with children and thinking about a political career. It is no secret that in addition to a career in film, Angelina Jolie actively involved in the life of his native country, which is home. Jolie is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN, so knows a lot about political activities. The journalists People spoke with the star and learned that the actress wants to become a politician?

Jolie replied vaguely: “Never say never!”. That is, work in the political sphere, the actress thought, and perhaps in the future will embody conceived in a reality. The actress also said that while he sees the role of leaders of other people.

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