Angelina Jolie outraged by a new novel by brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли возмущена новым романом Брэда Питта The actress can’t cope with emotion. Angelina Jolie, considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, hoping that she will be the first to have an affair and never expected it from brad pitt so strong love towards another girl.
Анджелина Джоли возмущена новым романом Брэда Питта

Recently it became known that after the divorce with Angelina Jolie brad pitt started Dating a teacher from mit University Neri Oxman. According to insiders, the actress was surprised by this choice ex-spouse. She believed that the man would prefer someone from the artistic community and colleagues. Now the relations of pitt and Oxman are getting warmer – there are reports that now brad has every right to appear in the woman’s house, she gave him the keys to their homes.

Recently, foreign journalists have found out that in fact, Jolie reacted to the news about the new happiness in his personal life ex-wife.

“She was indignant about a minute, and then just wilted,” say sources close to the actress.
Анджелина Джоли возмущена новым романом Брэда Питта

Besides, the source claims that Angelina Jolie, who was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses of our time, does not like those who, in its opinion, smarter and more attractive than she is. Besides, now the star, who is raising six children, can not boast of arranged personal life. She didn’t think that the ex-spouse faster it will find a new love.

“Angelina is very jealous and does not tolerate competition. She wanted to be the first one to spin a passionate affair” – described in the environment of the actress.

Apparently, pitt has really found a person Oxman a reliable companion. Many say that it is perfectly suited to the actor.

Last year, many talked about the possible wedding of Jolie with kind of a British businessman. However, these rumors had no basis. The owner suddenly appeared and disappeared from the life of Angelina. It was reported that she did not intend to notify the former spouse wanted to sign in Cambodia, where she has been active in charity. However, the name of a wealthy businessman was not named. Unlike the ex-wife of brad pitt in love with a real person who knows not only he. According to the publication HollywoodGossip, Jolie is now experiencing disappointment because of the new novel ex-husband.

Media reported about the wedding of Angelina Jolie