Angelina Jolie offered their assistance in the arrest of an international criminal

Анджелина Джоли предложила свою помощь в задержании международного преступника
The actress wanted to involve operations and brad pitt.

Анджелина Джоли предложила свою помощь в задержании международного преступника

Angelina Jolie


Reporters have unearthed extremely
interesting story about angelina Jolie. It turned out that some time ago, the actress, mother of six biological and adopted children, offered his services to the Interpol in the capture of one of the most
wanted criminals — Joseph Kony.

As told to Luis Moreno Ocampo,
the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal, Jolie sent him unexpected
sentence: she decided to invite him to dinner in the restaurant so entrenched
pre-ambush forces were able to arrest him. Moreover, it
proposed to use in this operation and his then still wife of brad
Pitt, whom she divorced at the present time. “Pitt definitely will support me, he’s always ready. We are ready, so
that continue to develop details of the operation!” — wrote the actress.

The help actress, and in fact, could really need law enforcement. The fact that the Horses,
wanted for numerous crimes, including trafficking
weapons, it was incredibly difficult to lure from his “fortress” is a fortified
the shelter cost $ 5 million. It is, of course, can be destroyed — along with all those inside. But Interpol officers wanted
Kony brought to justice.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


To the disappointment of 42-year-old Jolie, this
the operation could not be implemented due to the fact that this plan was not approved in
some of the higher courts. As for Joseph Kony, he still
is wanted.