Анджелина Джоли больше не выглядит анорексичной Fans noted that the Hollywood star has gained weight. Angelina Jolie started to appear in public in dresses mini and tight-fitting costumes that do not hide her rounded forms.

      Анджелина Джоли больше не выглядит анорексичной

      Angelina Jolie once again has caused a lot of discussion among his fans worldwide. Those fans, who are closely watching the movements of the stars, considering each new photo, published on the Internet, I noticed that she gained weight. After a series of message about the painful thinness of Angelina, hospitalization because of anorexia, finally, it became obvious that things were on the mend.

      The Western press attributed to angelina Jolie deadly disease

      Recently, Jolie spoke at the UN conference, where she appeared in a tight, formal suit. Photographers have shot her from all angles during her speech. Photos Jolie looks obviously refreshed and even gain weight. The face of a Hollywood celebrity not emaciated, as before, on the contrary, she looks happy. In the community of fans of Angelina on Instagram to the delight knew no bounds. Fans of the star wrote to her compliments and was happy for her healthy look.

      This is not surprising because only a couple of months ago the Western press reported that Jolie was hospitalized due to a critical lack of weight. With the growth of 169 centimeters is a mother of six and wife of Brad pitt weighed, according to media reports, only 35 pounds.

      Friends and family of the actress has repeatedly said that it is incredibly light eater. Angelina avoids fatty foods, choosing lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains. Moreover, among the stars there are rumors that proteins, such as chicken and fish, it is consumed in extremely small quantities, preferring cereals and water. It should be noted that this information is not confirmed.

      Evil tongues attributed the decrease in body weight of Angelina Jolie with depression. In the past few years the star had to overcome many trials. In 2007 from cancer, her mother died Marcelin. In 2013, fear of cancer, the actress herself decided on a double mastectomy. She removed the Breasts, replacing them with implants. However, the fear of cancer has not receded. In 2015, Jolie removed the ovaries to reduce the risk of Contracting cancer in the future.

      Angelina Jolie is suspected of brad pitt cheating

      In addition, it is believed that sudden weight loss is associated with her husband’s infidelity angelina Jolie brad pitt. No evidence of his betrayal is not, however, say that Angelina is very jealous. A well-known fact that so it relates to a colleagues wife on the set.

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