Angelina Jolie moved closer at brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли переезжает поближе к Бреду Питту

After the sentimental revelations of Brad pitt that he himself is to blame for the collapse of his marriage to Angelina Jolie, Angie heart thoroughly melted, and she decided to reduce his suffering due to separation from children. As reported by the Western media, the actress has decided to buy another house for $ 19 million in OS Feliz (near Los Angeles) so that the Nonsense could often see the children. New home Joli is located just two kilometers from the house of pitt.

Last week, insiders reported that Brad refused to sell their huge house in San Feliz and reported still the legal wife that he was going to leave the mansion to children, and if she really want to buy a new house, he was ready to pay it to her. This is a farewell gift before the divorce.
Now Jolie with kids are living in Malibu, and Brad can not so often to visit them. The kids miss dad, Angelina is ready to let them see it. Recall that the pair decided to divorce a year and a half ago. Jolie initiated the divorce, accusing her husband of domestic violence. Now the couple are doing everything in their power not to hurt the children.
“We try very hard, but anyway – from the court no one will win, someone will suffer less,” says Brad.
Fans of the pair hope that the distance of two kilometers will bring Brad and Angie not only physically. Who knows, maybe admitting their mistakes and opravivshis, pitt will again deserve the trust of his wife, and to the final of their divorce will not happen.