Angelina Jolie is once again forced brad pitt to be nervous

Анджелина Джоли вновь заставит Брэда Питта понервничать Conflict of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt continues and new development. In the Network there are reports that the actress is going along with children to move to London, which would put brad pitt in an even more difficult situation and deprived of the opportunity to see the children.

      According to the decision of the Los Angeles Department of family Affairs, Angelina Jolie in early October received full custody of the children is extremely disadvantageous for brad pitt conditions. He can visit the heirs only in a strictly specified hours under the supervision of a physician. Moreover, the actor may at any time be forced to get tested for blood levels of drugs.

      Later in the Network there were reports that Angelina can move to London, where the couple has their own house. If Jolie decides to move in Albion, it portends a big problem for pitt. To see your favorite the heirs, the actor will have to regularly fly to England that is not too easy given his busy schedule. In early 2017 it will start to work on the sequel of the film “world War Z” and probably this will seriously affect his employment.

      According to several sources, shared plans Jolie with Western publications in the coming year it really is going to frequently visit the UK. The actress received an invitation to a professorship at the London School of Economics for their active work in the field of philanthropy. Jolie is going to accept this offer, but will she take the children and stay in England is not known. Various sources close to star pair, refer to preparing the house for use, but have no idea about how to be arranged in the life of Hollywood stars.

      Moreover, London Jolie is in close contact with British politicians Chloe Dalton and the Louvre Helik. “We are officially working together for a year and really look forward to continuing our joint efforts and our common international interests,” previously said Jolie. Earlier there were rumors that these two women who are considered to be political counselors Actresses, influenced her decision to get a divorce with brad pitt.