Angelina Jolie is looking for ways of reconciliation with brad pitt

Анджелина Джоли ищет способы примирения с Брэдом Питтом According to foreign tabloids, the actress is ready to make the first move. Surrounded by celebrities rumor has it that the star of “Maleficent” has already made contact with the former spouse and discussed the education of daughters and sons.

      Surrounded by the Angelina Jolie and brad pitt rumor has it that the couple reconnected. How to write foreign media reports, the actress has taken the first step and phoned the ex-spouse. According to some, their conversation was quite “warm”. Friends of the star claim that they discussed the issue of education of the heirs.

      “The conversation was about children. They also agreed that it is in their interest to support each other in a respectful civilized relations. However, they are still far from settling all the disputed issues in the divorce process,” – said the insider.

      Friends of Jolie and pitt noted that the former couple managed to overcome all enmity with each other. “They are now in a situation where you can afford to forget the insults and focus on the children and how they work together to educate. It was a difficult time for them and both are now ready to move on and open a new Chapter in his life,” said the source.

      Jolie first spoke out about the controversial divorce with pitt

      How to write the publication, Jolie had her reasons to make peace with her ex-husband. She instinctively knew that no one but he can not so well take care of the children. Despite the fact that at the time of the divorce, the star was forbidden brad to communicate with the heirs, now calmed down, and she reconsidered her position. However, as noted in the environment of the actors, is that celebrities are not ready to raise any other issues in conversations with each other.

      Recall that the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt took place in late 2016. One of the reasons for separation from spouse, the actress has called the irreconcilable contradiction in the issue of education of children. The star of “Allies” was not allowed to get in touch with the family. Besides, the man was obliged to be checked by a psychologist and donate blood for the presence of alcohol and drugs in front of a rare meeting with the heirs. Jolie has never confided about the causes of discord in the family.

      “I don’t want to say much about it… Say that it is a very difficult time… We are family and will always be family. And we’ll get through this together and I hope we as a family will only get even stronger,” said the actress in an interview to TV channels after the premiere of the Director’s work “First they killed my father: a daughter’s Memories of Cambodia”.