Angelina Jolie is in mortal danger

Анджелина Джоли в смертельной опасности
According to doctors, the actress is threatened by a heart attack.

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie once again shocked the audience of the appalling thinness. At the festival in Toronto Angelina looked, as they say in such cases, the “skin and bones”. Her legs again match, and the bones stick out, like a skeleton. Doctors believe the actress is again much thinner and does not weigh more than 40 pounds. But more recently, she managed to recover to 55-60 pounds, which is more or less acceptable, given that she’s always been thin. Weight loss even more dangerous after his gain. It is extremely dangerous for health.

Doctors agree that angelina needs to take urgent action, because spike weight her muscles become weaker. And when she once again dramatically losing weight, there is only the fat and the muscle mass practically disappears and does not appear when the weight begins to grow again. All this has a direct relationship, above all, to the heart muscle, as it can lead to heart attack and the most dire consequences if not immediately, seek medical help. The actress confessed recently that was already on the verge of a minor stroke, and had passed, as you know, through a difficult and heavy for the body of the operation.

Status reason Jolie is obvious. She recently admitted that she feels lonely, desperate, and it is difficult for one to cope with six children. Jolie misses brad pitt, something he regrets and like begs him for forgiveness! But despite rumors about the resumption of relations, that pitt was ready to deal with Angie, at least for the children, and that they meet — it’s not like he really forgave his wife and decided to start all over again.