Angelina Jolie is going to move to London and take a high post in the UN

Анджелина Джоли собирается переехать в Лондон и занять высокий пост в ООН

In the past few years angelina Jolie is extremely rare to see on the big screen. Last kinorabotoy where Jolie took part as an actress was “Maleficent”. Fair to say that the girl is Angelina now do not. she’s busy with the children, their health, divorce process with brad pitt in the end.

In addition, most of the time Angie is devoted to the activities in the framework of the UN. By the way, for this organization, the actress has big plans. The journalists managed to learn that Jolie intends in the foreseeable future to occupy a high position in the UN.

For the sake of Angelina ready to completely abandon the cinema as a actress and as a Director.

For a more productive work Jolie intends to move to London, where she is waiting for a member of the British house of lords Baroness Armanika Helvik.

Helvik is for Hollywood diva’s mentor and helps her in making the first decisions in the political arena. Like other members of the British Parliament, the Hollywood actress is ready to attend all the meetings to meet with voters, to speak on television to speak with the press.

Rumor has it that with the filing of the Baroness Jolie start such a desperate and bitter struggle for the children, accusing pitt of violence. Supposedly, according to Helwig, a single mother of six children – an excellent candidate, capable of one day becoming UN Secretary General.