Angelina Jolie intends to quickly “deal” with pitt

Анджелина Джоли намерена быстро «расправиться» с Питтом
The actress has taken another decisive step in a scandalous divorce case.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Legion-media

Angelina Jolie, it seems, intends to complete the divorce with brad pitt as soon as possible. In order to quickly get rid of the “drinking and aggressive” husband, Hollywood beauty took his assistants two highly qualified lawyer. According to TMZ, to work on one of the most notorious divorces in 2016, joined Bert fields and pierce O’donnell, who, incidentally, are in the Top 100 most influential lawyers in the world.

Why Jolie pulled “heavy artileriyu” for divorce is not clear. A few days ago her lawyer Laura Wasser has been able to achieve what pitt was deprived of the right of guardianship. However, while only for the period until 20 October. However, that Jolie will be able to win the war waged for the children, no doubt. After all, recent events much ruined the reputation of brad, who in a short period of exemplary father of six children “became” in “a drunkard and a brawler.

Most likely, Angelina hired additional lawyers indicate that she wants to speed up the process of divorce with pitt. By the way, according to the publication Dailymail, close friends, Jolie insists that her ultimate goal is not punishment brad, but to protect her many children from their father.