Angelina Jolie in the new issue of Elle

Анджелина Джоли в новом выпуске Elle

42-year-old Angelina Jolie manages to raise six children and become actively engaged in the struggle for women’s rights. It is not surprising that its the Elle editors chose as the heroine of your new release. Jolie graced the cover of the March issue and answered the interviewer’s questions about parenting and socio-political activities.

Анджелина Джоли в новом выпуске Elle

Interviews with the stars take former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. Answering the questions of American politics, the actress spoke about what he teaches his daughters. “I tell my daughters that anyone can wear a dress and makeup, but only your mind will be able to describe. Find out who you are, what you think and for what you fight. Fight for others to have freedom. Live to serve,  is a terrible thing,” she said.

Jolie pays a lot of attention and time socio-political issues and for several years is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee.

Анджелина Джоли в новом выпуске Elle
“To this topic in my youth I was completely apathetic. I became interested in human rights issues and to meet with refugees because I wanted to learn. I had some romantic vision of all this: I figured I’d put my shoes on and become a humanist. But you should always look in the root of the problem. And he refers to law and politics. I met with refugees, survivors of sexual assault, but convictions in these cases was not. So I started to work with representatives of the law and the government,” explains Jolie.

The topic of gender inequality, the actress has repeatedly raised in his speeches at public events, and this time not spared. “Today I think about how hard women fought for what we have now. The value is absolutely all — important how you behave in everyday life, what you know about your rights and how you stand in solidarity with women worldwide,” she concluded.

We will remind, ex-wife of brad pitt has decided to radically take over our mission in an article written jointly with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, said that the Organization would play a big role in ending violence against women and gender inequality.

“Despite the fact that violence is prohibited by international law, it continues to be used as a tactical action in military conflicts from Myanmar to Ukraine. This gang rape and sexual slavery, and racial discrimination, and terrorism. A woman in a combat zone to be much more dangerous than the soldiers. The cessation of gender-based violence is a vital issue of peace and justice,” said the actress.