Angelina Jolie has condemned the policy of Donald trump

Анджелина Джоли осудила политику Дональда Трампа

Hollywood actress published in the New York Times article in which he criticized the immigration policy of Donald trump prohibiting the refugees entry into the territory of the United States.

41-year-old actress Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie) is a goodwill Ambassador for the UN refugee. Not surprisingly, the migration policy of the new US President Donald trump (Donald Trump) did not leave indifferent the actress: Jolie wrote an article in the New York Times condemning trump and his policies. Recall that trump has banned refugees from Islamic countries entering the territory of the United States.

“The global migration crisis and the threat of terrorism makes the protection of the borders of legitimate and necessary. However, our actions should be based on facts, not on fear,” wrote Angelina Jolie.

“As a mother of six children, who were born in different countries, but proudly call themselves Americans, I want our country to remain safe for them. I also want to know what refugee children can count on a shelter in a compassionate America. And that we will be able to establish a security system without limiting access to the country of citizens of other States —especially children — because of their religious or national affiliation.”

“The lesson we have learned from years of combating terrorism, not to retreat from its principles. The rejection of our values only exacerbates the problem we want to handle, and causes even more damage to our security. If we close doors to refugees or will discriminate against them, it will not make us stronger.”

The actress also said that the ban could inflame extremism in the world and undermine the ideals that underpin the American government that unites people of different nationalities and faiths. “America is a world in miniature,” the star quoted the words of Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan), the 40th President of the United States. The position of the actress is reflected in her film “First they killed my father” (First They Killed My Father). The directorial debut of Jolie is dedicated to the memory of Gerst genocide in Cambodia.