Angelina Jolie has called on NATO to take part in the struggle for gender equality

Анджелина Джоли призвала НАТО принять участие в борьбе за равноправие полов

Actress Angelina Jolie recently actively took up the struggle for gender equality and has repeatedly in his speeches mentioned it. Ex-wife of brad pitt has decided to radically take over our mission in an article written jointly with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, said that the Organization would play a big role in ending violence against women and gender inequality.

Анджелина Джоли призвала НАТО принять участие в борьбе за равноправие полов

“Despite the fact that violence is prohibited by international law, it continues to be used as a tactical action in military conflicts from Myanmar to Ukraine. This gang rape and sexual slavery, and racial discrimination, and terrorism. A woman in a combat zone to be much more dangerous than the soldiers. The cessation of gender-based violence is a vital issue of peace and justice,” said the actress.

The actress said that the UN should take part in the fight and be a shield from the “fear and aggression”, in the words of former U.S. President Harry Truman.

Jolie and Stoltenberg believes that NATO needs to contribute to women achieving leadership positions in various organizations. “It’s terrible that violence against women whether in peacetime or during military action is widely regarded as not a serious crime. There is finally hope that we will be able to change it. We must do it not only for ourselves but for future generations,” writes Jolie.

December 6, in Los Angeles hosted a charity Breakfast magazine the Hollywood Reporter, in which the actress delivered a speech on gender equality. “We should not be afraid and think that because of movies that we do, we can go to jail or be punished. We have the right to speak freely with all on equal terms. We must continue the struggle so that one day all people could live freely,” said Jolie.

During your guide actress could not fail to affect what is happening in the last months of the event, which plunged all of Hollywood in shock. It all started with Harvey Weinstein, whose name is now on the lips of every second in the star world. “Sexual violence happens everywhere in the industry where I work, in business, in universities, in politics, in the army… Too often, these crimes against women are suppressed or ridiculed, saying that it was the woman’s fault that she can’t control herself or suffers from excessive sexual desire.” he says in his speech, Angelina Jolie.