Angelina Jolie has attributed a secret affair with a powerful businessman

Анджелине Джоли приписали тайный роман с влиятельным бизнесменом Insider told reporters about the new craze of Hollywood stars. A source close to Angelina Jolie announced that she carefully hides their relationship with the entrepreneur. The actress prefers not to comment on the information that is being discussed in the press.
Анджелине Джоли приписали тайный роман с влиятельным бизнесменом

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt became one of the biggest events in the world. Millions of fans of the star couple continue to discuss what caused the breakup of celebrities. At the same time, other fans of the actors trying to uncover new Hobbies Angelina and brad. The pour oil on the fire by the tabloids, which regularly appear in publications about the possible novels of Jolie and pitt. Recently in mass media there was information that charming brunette meets up with a mysterious British businessman.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt keep secret the details of the divorce

“Angelina is really very difficult breakup with brad, but she does her best to become happy again. Angie had an affair with an attractive British businessman with big political connections. They had several secret meetings in Malibu, where she began to hide out after breaking up with brad,” says the insider.
Анджелине Джоли приписали тайный роман с влиятельным бизнесменом

According to anonymous sources close to the Hollywood stars, she is struggling to find time for yourself. Angelina, who raises six children, time often. But if this does happen, then the celebrity is in a hurry for a date with a “British hottie”, said the insider. “All meetings for Angie with her new lover are behind closed doors… She’s waiting for the public to stop discussing her divorce. Only then Angie will be able to declassify their passion” – according to a mysterious informant reporters.

The actress prefers to remain silent about a possible romance. Angelina is in no hurry to tell about what is happening in her personal life. In the same interview, the beauty admitted that separation from husband has become a real challenge for her. “I don’t want to say much about it… Say that it is a very difficult time… We are family and will always be family. And we’ll get through this together, and hopefully as a family will become even stronger”, – confessed the actress.

Jolie also talked about the fact that all her attention is focused on your favorite heirs. “I’m focused on the kids… My goal now is to find the right way to go through all of it,” shared the celebrity.

We also add that after a divorce, the journalists attributed the angelina several novels, including Jared Leto, the star of “50 shades of grey” Jamie Dornan and even Tom cruise. In addition, in mass media there were photos in which the actress is depicted together with a mysterious man in slacks and a white shirt. The tabloids claimed that the actress has already introduced the “handsome stranger” to your children. However, according to other reports, periodically circulating in the press, Jolie tries to reconcile with her ex-husband. Fans of celebrities can only guess about what is really going on in their personal lives.