Angelina Jolie had forbidden brad pitt from seeing friends

Анджелина Джоли запрещала Брэду Питту видеться с друзьями

For many, the fact that brad pitt is a pussy, at least in a relationship with Angelina Jolie was evident from the beginning.

All important decisions in the family was a she, and the family lived solely in its interests.

Pitt couldn’t keep my mind of the beloved, even when she forbade him to see friends. To cost to tell that to alienate brad from his buddies Jolie managed is quite simple, but at the same time effective way – she had loaded it so many issues and responsibilities that pitt did not remain neither forces, nor time to socialize with anyone other than family members.

If he have some free time, Angelina came up with additional “mission” that needs to be urgently performed. The insider claims that all the friends of brad secretly hated his wife.

Note that about uneasy character of Jolie is the fact that she filed for divorce, said about alcoholism, addiction to drugs and assault pitt. In this case, the verification of the facts showed that the reality is they have nothing in common.

We will remind, recently there was the first few weeks of meeting brad with children. Reporters In Touch Weekly has learned that the actor, seeing the kids could not hold back tears! Children, in turn, burst into tears, finally seeing his father.

The date was in the family mansion of the pair, located in East Hollywood. For an hour the father and the children enthusiastically talked and played together.

The Angelina didn’t say a word is still the official wife.