Angelina Jolie had a falling out with his father for a husband

Анджелина Джоли поссорилась с отцом из-за мужа

Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight, father of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie fell out of favor daughters, and all because he was given disordered divorce son-in-law Breda pitt’s advice regarding Angie.

Анджелина Джоли поссорилась с отцом из-за мужа
Since the wedding, John and Brad became good friends, and Voight the situation with the divorce, as, indeed, all in this crumbling family, extremely unpleasant. As soon as Brad was left alone, he’s misunderstanding the situation, appealed for support to John, and he got it. Voight said son-in-law that his daughter is as troubled as her mother Marcelin Betran once, and that he will help only a miracle (which once happened to my wife).
Upon learning that the folder gives advice, Jolie was furious. And so it is not too was close with him, and after he seemed to be adviser of pitt, and it closed him off.

“Angie angry at my father. Now she tells him nothing. They communicate, but she speaks to him cold and almost not affected by personal issues, that he did not tell Delirium. Angie stopped again to trust the father,” — said the insider.
Recall that Angelina filed for divorce on September 19 that came as a shock not only for the audiences but for the Nonsense, which does not take seriously the threat of his wife to break up with him. Now Jolie demands sole custody of the children, and the Department of child protection is investigating the case of aggression against pitt eldest son, Maddox. The latter, incidentally, refused to meet with his father. A fifteen year old was the only one of the six children who came to see Brad in a recent meeting.