Анджелина Джоли нашла утешение в объятиях агента по недвижимости According to rumors, the actress became friendly with one of the non-public person in age. Each of Angelina Jolie helped her through a very difficult breakup with brad pitt. About it journalists were told by a source close to the Hollywood stars.
Анджелина Джоли нашла утешение в объятиях агента по недвижимости

After Angelina Jolie broke up with brad pitt, the actress is regularly credited with new novels. It was rumored that the Hollywood star is Dating a businessman from the UK and even plans to marry him. She Angelina prefers not to respond to the numerous discussions in the Network.

Recently a source close to Jolie has denied the authoritative publication of such information. According to him, a celebrity is not yet ready for a serious relationship. However, the actress is regularly seen with one man working in the field of real estate. According to the insider, he helped angelina to recover made a lot of noise for a divorce.

“Brad and Angie are very secretive when it comes to his personal life. Angie told some friends that she’s not yet ready to go on dates, but seeing one of the most pleasant man at the age of. He works as a real estate agent and is not a public person. Angie really felt bad after breaking up with brad. So she benefited from communication with another adult,” says the knowledgeable source.
Анджелина Джоли нашла утешение в объятиях агента по недвижимости

According to rumors, pitt and Jolie are going to forget about any differences between them and reunite. The tabloids wrote that the actors plan to live to get away from formalities and to live in a civil marriage. According to the assumptions of fans of the couple, the wedding ruined the romantic idyll that prevailed in the relations of stars. A source close to Angelina shared his version of resonant events. According to him, Jolie and pitt are unlikely to try to start all over again. This opportunity insider is assessed as extremely unlikely.

“They say that they will reunite, but that will never happen. The relationship of brad and Angie really ended badly. Despite the fact that they tried to take treatment with kids, they can barely be in the same room,” said the insider.

Journalists asked for comments to a representative of Jolie, but as long as their request remains unanswered. Meanwhile brad pitt, according to sources, have changed dramatically after breaking up with his wife. According to them, the actor was less than staying at home, as he had done before and started spending more time with friends.

“When they broke up, brad was a shut in for many months. But in the last couple of months he started to go out. Brad likes to eat with friends,” says another source close to pitt.

As also reported insider Entertainment Tonight, the actor continues to make new friends, preferring to communicate with non-public people.