Анджелина Джоли не хочет больше иметь ничего общего с Питтом
Jolie refused because of brad from his cherished dream.

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie

Photo: Legion-media

As reported by the online edition of Street Heat, Angelina Jolie left the project, which she
hatched more than two years. Jolie wanted to make, as Director, drama
“Africa” about the famous paleoarchaeology Richard Leek, who worked in the 80-ies
the last century in Kenya, faced with poachers who killed elephants for their
tusks and brought with them a desperate and courageous struggle. The main role in this movie
had to play while still legal husband Jolie – brad pitt.

Angelina has repeatedly admitted that
it is not just another, already the fifth directorial experience,
the project was a passionate dream Jolie. The fact that she
personally familiar with the Face and always admired him and his work. In addition, as
the actress claimed that she “most of my life has felt a very deep connection with Africa and
its culture”. His enthusiasm and angelina managed to infect everyone with
worked. So, the boss of the Studio that took over its production – David Ellison once said: “This project has become very
dear to my heart and I know that in the hands of Angelina, he will surpass all my
expectations!” No less was caught up in this story and Eric Roth, who wrote in his
scenario Oscar-winning film “Forrest Gump.”

Allegedly, he has created for
Africa is no less impressive scenario.

“The initial stages of the project preparation was
incredibly hard, it was hell. But the team, headed by
Angelina was able to overcome all difficulties…” said John Peters. one of
the producers of the film. A year ago, it seemed that the project is hopelessly “stuck” due to
the lack of funds. But Jolie and her colleagues
managed to persuade the government of Kenya to participate in the financing of the film. And here
when everything was ready to start shooting the disaster struck. Jolie,
which has taken the decision to divorce with pitt, now no more want to deal with it
nothing to do. She stated that she will not become the Director of the film, which is so
parents who spent so much effort. Pitt himself has not yet abandoned
on his role, but who will take direction and will do a film