Angelina Jolie does not accept his father’s help to get better

Анджелина Джоли не принимает отцовскую помощь, чтобы поправиться

Fans of Angelina Jolie around the world are concerned about the state of her health. The depletion of the stars, which she brought in a few months, not seriously care about the fans of celebrities. But no less worried and close to the Jolie, in particular her family – husband brad pitt and six children.

So far in that list was Angie’s father Jon Voight. Now he sounded the alarm about the state of her daughter.

As told the press a informant close to the celebrities, Voight tried to associate with her daughter, to help her with advice or deed, but instead was met by a negative reaction.

“Failing to get a response from Angie, John called her husband, but even brad, who is always well treated by the father-in-law, gave him the heave, stating that the father was the last person with whom Angelina would want to talk about your health”, reported Radar Online, quoting the words of an insider.

Why Angelina denies his father, is unclear. Relations Voight and Jolie some time really were, to put it mildly, not very warm.

Angelina has repeatedly accused parents of callousness and heartlessness. In turn in 2002, Voight has publicly named her daughter mentally ill. For nearly ten years, the actress didn’t speak to my father. And only in 2011 it was possible to establish some relationships.

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