Angelina Jolie did not expect pitt rejected the struggle for children

Анджелина Джоли не ожидала от Питта отверженной борьбы за детей

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt continue the divorce process, which seems to tighten them deeper and deeper.

Neither Jolie nor pitt to communicate with the press on the topic of the breakup or not, and here people from their environment sometimes throw up information which is in the background of all events is interesting.

For example, a source close to angelina said that now the actress is in a very depressed condition.

All because she didn’t expect her still legal husband come to her in such a fierce battle for the children, thus violating her plans.

“Angelina is now very upset. She didn’t expect such a fight from pitt. She thought it would go away and she can continue to live on. But brad put his wife a pig that desperately fighting for kids and doing everything in his power to get over them guardianship. He does not allow Jolie to relax and not allow her to play by its rules,” said the informant.

“At some point, Angelina believed that they would save with pitt a normal relationship and establish a life. But now she sees that it is impossible,” the source added.