Angelina Jolie did not allow the children to see her father at Thanksgiving

Анджелина Джоли не позволила детям увидеться с отцом в День Благодарения
Actress manipulating the kids against brad pitt.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt with children


This year’s holiday season promises brad pitt any good. At
recent reports, Angelina Jolie is not going to allow her and pitt shared children to see my father nor Thanksgiving, nor for Christmas. It
planned to celebrate both the holiday with their six biological and adopted
children, but without brad. The news was reported the online edition of Entertainment Tonight, referring to the information obtained from Laura Wasser,
counsel, to whom Jolie was assigned to conduct her divorce proceedings.

It seems that the divorce Jolie and pitt takes on the character of a protracted military
of the company. Although all charges against pitt in poor treatment of children with
the police were removed, Angelina forced brad to sign an agreement,
according to which it decides when and where he can see the kids, and
only in the presence of a psychologist. As a result, over the past two months with
the announcement of the divorce, pitt was able to communicate with the children only three times.
Moreover, the last meeting, according to Jolie’s bodyguard — Chris Herzog, accompanying offspring
Angelina on a date with his father, was quite unsuccessful.

Chris said that the kids were with brad not too friendly. Pitt
quite a long time tried to speak, but then lost patience and made up
meeting ahead of time. “He ran out of the room awfully angry and said that
Angelina manipulating the kids against him. They stopped calling him “daddy”
and almost unwilling to communicate with him…” says Herzog.

Will the brad in the end, to regain joint custody of Angelina to their children, is unclear. Clear
what Jolie will do anything to prevent it. But brad may
too desperate to start playing “tough.” And in its possession is claimed
is powerful enough incriminating evidence against Angelina, which he does not want
to use.