Angelina Jolie chose a companion for Sunday dinner

Анджелина Джоли выбрала себе спутника для воскресного ужина
The star spent the evening with 13-year-old son Paxom.

Angelina Jolie with her son Paxom


On Sunday Angelina Jolie surprised the visitors of the pretentious restaurants in Los Angeles, appearing there with 13-year-old son Paxom. No one else from their children, Jolie has not seen fit to buy a nice dinner in their company at a festive Mother’s Day. While the star looked very elegant, like it was on a real date or social event.

Now all wondering – where were the rest of the offspring of Angelina and brad pitt in a night like this? And why, for example, she agreed to have dinner with Jon Voight, her father, with whom you recently reconciled after years of strife? After all, Voight was seen this evening in another trendy restaurant not far from where his daughter was with his grandson and reporters even managed to record “a love letter” the actor angelina, he wished her “lots of love”.

Maybe Jolie relented and allowed the Zahara, Maddox, Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox to spend a Sunday with his father, and pax is left to be a knight mother? Anything is possible, especially after the sensational interview of brad pitt GQ magazine. In it, the former husband of Angelina that Jolie was recently accused of domestic violence against their children (the charge was completely removed and the police and a special division of the FBI), admitted that, indeed, cannot consider himself a good father because of all the years of life with Angelina abused alcohol.

Speaking of which, it is believed that the interview that pitt gave Jolie the insistence of her advisors. Because the reputation of the actress was seriously injured during the divorce process, many sided with brad when she told him not to communicate with children and requested sole guardianship. And so it became necessary recognition of her husband, in part, explains her harsh behavior towards him. Fortunately, in any case, now he has access to children, and even had a chance to get joint custody.