Angelina Jolie changed her mind to divorce with brad pitt?

Анджелина Джоли передумала разводиться с Брэдом Питтом?

Well-known and beloved couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt will reunite again soon, after all the efforts of her husband no longer drink alcohol struck and the wife has decided to suspend the divorce process.

Such news pleased magazine US Magazine. After the start of divorce proceedings, he did not budge for months. According to the insider, Angelina Jolie decided to give her husband a second chance, because the one with all the forces trying to quit addiction to alcohol.

As explained by the actor himself in a candid interview for the magazine GQ Style, their house has a winery, which brad loved to visit. Soon it became a habit and alcohol addiction. He admitted that with the advent of the family, he threw all the bad habits, except alcohol dependence. It tells the actor: “I could drink like a Russian under the table with vodka. Was a professional.” Immediately after the divorce, he began to visit skilled professionals. Recall that for an actor the divorce was very difficult and he compared it with death.

Maybe it’s recognition, nevertheless, touched his mate, she decided not to continue with the divorce? In any case, both of them have had a tough time after the start of the process. Pitt began to attend art therapy and kept to himself, but Jolie had to run the household and raise children alone. But most of all, hurt their children, because Angelina was able to deny her husband custody of the children, accusing him of brutal treatment of kids and the use of forbidden substances. The most interesting that pitt did not argue and decided to agree to terms that would continue to work on them.

Divorce proceedings began swiftly to subside, and is already in place. Angelina often in the interview was to mention that she is very bad without her husband. Says an insider, “she loves him”.