Angelina Jolie can take away children!

У Анджелины Джоли могут отобрать детей!
The judge sided with brad pitt in the divorce process.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Angelina Jolie appeared serious reason for worries. The fact that
the judge in her divorce, officially warned the actress she
risks losing custody of her six biological and adopted children! The judge
demanded that she radically revised schedule of visits of children with their father
Brad pitt, with whom she conducts a prolonged divorce process. Otherwise, custody
the children will be transferred to pitt. This was announced by the publication DailyMail, who turned out to be court documents.

turn in your divorce proceedings Angelina did not expect. This situation
has arisen due to the fact that this summer, Jolie will work in London, where it is removed
in the sequel of the film “Maleficent”. Of course, Jolie had previously gone with her “children”
from Los Angeles, where she and pitt are living on a permanent basis. But now it has become
it is known that it will have many months of shooting in the UK at the time
brad signed a contract to work on a new project in the United States. And when
Angelina said that taking the children with her, brad was outraged. And when Jolie
ignored his point, he addressed the court.

indeed, as explained by the lawyer of Angelina David glass, the situation where the court allows
itself to intervene in the regulation of custody of children at this stage of the process —
a very rare case. Apparently, the superior Court of Los Angeles found that the
case requires extreme intervention. In the end, Jolie ordered to provide a schedule for communicating
Pitt with children. In June, when pitt can still be in London it will be
see them there: mid — month for 4 hours per day from June 27 to July 1 —
10 hours a day, in July and again at 4. And at the end of July, the court demanded that
Angelina put their children on a week to her father in Los Angeles. Then he is obliged
to bring them back to London on the 29th of August. And then soon again to get to it before the hearing
their case in court, which will take place on August 13.

the judge explained, he finds it unacceptable and extremely harmful to the psyche of children behavior
one of the parents (meaning Jolie) when the other parent denied access to his “children”. Moreover, this behavior
Angelina has no reasonable explanation – after all, the psychologists, and the court
long recognized that society pitt poses for kids absolutely no