Angelina Jolie can deprive of the parental rights

Анджелину Джоли могут лишить родительских прав The court issued a new decision concerning the custody of children actors. In the end, experts came to the conclusion that the obstacles posed by Angelina Jolie when brad pitt communication with the heirs, have a negative impact on them. If the star will continue in the same spirit, it can deprive the right of custody.
Анджелину Джоли могут лишить родительских прав

The divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie continues for the second year. The couple quickly decided all financial matters, but problems arose because of parental rights. The fact that the actress demanded sole custody and insisted that the communication of ex-lover with children should be limited.

In the end, over the past months, pitt met with six heirs only a few times, and then under the supervision of psychologists.

Now, however, the court ruled that Jolie should stop creating obstacles to communication between children and father. Moreover, if Angelina will continue to restrict the rights of the former husband, she can have custody.

Анджелину Джоли могут лишить родительских прав

According to Western media, the court has insisted that Jolie and pitt made a schedule of visiting children. Lawyers have ensured that the man now gets to see his sons and daughters for at least four hours a day. These rules do not apply to the eldest child Maddox. 16-year-old boy himself should decide whether he wants to communicate with his father.

Now Angelina Jolie is in London where the shooting of the film “Maleficent 2”. According to the latest information, brad also flew into the UK to be closer to their heirs.

According to the new court injunction, pitt could see at the same time with only one or two children. And at the time of his visit, from 8 to 17 June, he needs to meet with each child at least two times.

Despite all these concessions, established by the law, the actor still needs to meet with children in the presence of a psychologist. According to lawyers, it is necessary for the least painless adaptation of heirs to the scandal.

If the first meeting with pitt’s daughters and sons will take place without incident, in late July they will meet in the father’s house for ten days. This will be the first case for the last couple of years, when brad will be able to communicate with children without psychologists.

Also lawyers have been able to achieve what actor have the right without restrictions to communicate with all heirs on the phone. But Angelina no longer need to monitor calls and read text messages sent sons and daughters to me.

Previously, pitt has repeatedly admitted that she misses her heirs and wants to establish contact with them. Apparently, the wishes of the actor were taken into account, and now he will be able to fully enjoy family conversation. And that’s how Angelina reacted to such changes is still unknown. The fact that this Jolie insisted on the negative impact of ex-husband’s sons and daughters.

According to UK Magazine, the court insisted that Angelina and psychologists have conducted with children explanatory conversation, during which they have to tell about the good intentions of brad pitt. According to state authorities, the actor is not dangerous for the heirs, and so his former wife should immediately cease to inspire sons and daughters the thought of his negative attitude towards the family.

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