Angelina Jolie believes brad pitt a great father

Анджелина Джоли считает Брэда Питта прекрасным отцом

Something tells us that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie already regrets that filed for divorce from her husband Brad pitt. In a recent BBC interview, she spoke about a difficult period in their husband and family life, and a few hours ago live on Good Morning America Angie again said that he and pitt will always be family and that he considers him a great father.

Анджелина Джоли считает Брэда Питта прекрасным отцом
This was a response to Jolie on the questions considers whether it is still the legal wife of a good dad.
“Yes, of course. We will always be one family. Always,” said Jolie.

How, then, vile accusations against the Nonsense of domestic violence, she proposed immediately after filing the divorce papers? Recall that the last straw was the supposed conflict pitt and Angie’s teenage son Maddox. Jolie felt that the father had exceeded the powers. The investigation involved a whole Bureau of investigation, but the result was not the one he expected Angelina – Brad is found not guilty. Then she said that she was glad to hear it, and will now be confident about the safety of his family.