Angelina Jolie began preparations for a new wedding

Анджелина Джоли начала подготовку к новой свадьбе
Brad pitt does not believe that the new marriage actress may be successful.

Angelina Jolie


Fans Of Angelina Jolie
amazed by the unexpected news in the Western media (in particular,
the popular publication Hollywood Life) 41-year-old actress is preparing to run
the crown! Although that happens, of course not tomorrow — because before she need
to complete the process of divorce with brad pitt, which runs from September
last year.

According to reporters
the above-mentioned publication, Jolie began to plan a new wedding. She intends
become the wife of a certain mysterious British man, whose name the reporters still
then failed to find out, because Angelina is doing everything possible to keep
your affair a secret. All that is known about
mysterious Beau Jolie is that he is little more than forty years, it is quite
wealthy and does a lot of work
charity through which he met
actress. According to reports, Angelina began to meet secretly with a
him at the beginning of this year, as I wrote earlier.

As let slip one of the
friends of the actress, Jolie has already decided where to celebrate your wedding.
She was chosen as the venue of the ceremony the country
that Angelina, by her own admission, just fell in love. We are talking about
Cambodia — the home of her eldest adopted son Maddox. It is no accident that just about
recent history of this country Jolie took their last, to date
day, movie, and, moreover, holds in this country for so long.

Curious: brad pitt, legitimate
whose wife Angelina is still listed, has already managed to comment on matrimonial
the plans of the actress. He expressed serious doubt that having gone through this recently
the catastrophic collapse of their marriage, Jolie will be able soon to build a new
a successful marriage is.