Angelina Jolie became interested in self-destruction

Анджелина Джоли увлеклась саморазрушением Hollywood diva has not parted with cigarettes and practically nothing to eat. Angelina Jolie and brad pitt in September announced the divorce. This was followed by the court, which ruled that the couple’s children live with the mother. All this negatively affected the nerves of a popular actress.

      In September, fans around the world stirred up by the unexpected news – one of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and brad pitt divorce. Despite the fact that the fans all hoped that spouses will be able to forgive one another past wrongs and to restore peace in the family, the artists themselves began the trial to determine with which parent they will live with six children. All this could not undermine the nervous system of celebrities. As noted by the paparazzi, now Angelina Jolie is in the doldrums.

      “She eats almost nothing, but only Smoking a cigarette one after another, the source told foreign tabloid. – She can smoke two packs of cigarettes per day”.

      As journalists, now as an artist leaves much to be desired. According to them, she is very depressed because going through a divorce with brad pitt.

      “To oppose brad pitt was one of the toughest challenges it has faced, says a source. – She’s depressed and feels a constant sense of anxiety”.

      In early November, the court ruled that the six children of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt will live with her mother. However, the father has every right to see his heirs. This verdict was made after careful consideration of the case by the authorities. Originally brad pitt was planning to take the children to his for the weekend, however, the court did not satisfy its requirements.

      Despite the fact that fans of the couple Angelina Jolie seemed perfect, close said that their relationship was not so smooth.

      “Angelina is a powerful woman who sought to control every step of the brad – said surrounded by a couple. – No end point, how to raise children, whom to be friends, what movies to play. He said: “Yes, dear”, and she needed to look away, did it my way. This led her into a rage”.

      According to the publication, RadarOnline, stress and Smoking Angelina is rapidly losing weight. Fans are very concerned about the condition of Hollywood beauties.