Анджелина Джоли стала профессором
Horribly emaciated, the actress has taken on another job.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Splash News/East news

Upon learning that Angelina Jolie
became a visiting Professor at the prestigious London school of Economics students
this institution went into raptures. After all, where else can you be such a close
distance to admire a superstar? The young people decided to all urgent
to sign up for her classes. Alas, they suffered a terrible disappointment. It turned out,
what Angelina will read a special course for women.

As explained to representatives of the School,
the actress has set a goal to educate women in gender equality issues
rights in the social, economic and political spheres. His course of lectures she
will read the programme for the masters. Angelina will start to work already
in January 2017.

“I am very glad that I
to read this course. I hope our program will serve as an example for other Universities.
It is imperative that all really realize the need to end the actual
discrimination against women and the impunity of those who perpetrate against them
of sexual offences. I really want to share my experience,
obtained through my work in various organizations of the United Nations. But I’m ready
to learn myself I hope I can learn much from my students!” said

The news that actress
going to take on a difficult work, have alarmed fans of the Jolie. After all
recently circulated persistent rumors that the health of the stars
is clearly not in the best condition. During all of his recent appearances
in public, Angelina looked extremely skinny and pale. Gossips even claimed that
the actress was seriously ill. Besides, do not cease rumors that in her family
life with brad pitt, too, all is not well, which further exacerbates
as the Jolie.

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