Анджелина Джоли и Криштиану Роналду снимутся в турецком сериале

Angelina Jolie as goodwill Ambassador of the UN, indifferent to the fate of people caught in difficult situations. The actress is active in the fight against poverty and injustice in third world countries. Recently Jolie came up with another way to bring the problem to everyone’s attention.

Angelina is going to star in the TV series in Turkey, the main theme of which will be refugees from Syria.

Turkish series tells about the family from Syria, who left his native country and seeking asylum in Turkey – as in real life, make hundreds of thousands of people (at the end of 2016, according to the UN, Turkey were about 2.7 million refugees from Syria). In addition to the “sharp” of the refugee issue, the show will be investigated and where more traditional themes – love, family relationships and so on.

The series already has a name – “Bridge of life”. It is assumed that only will be charged in 3 seasons. The number of episodes has not yet been clarified.

The shooting of “Bridge of life” is supposed to start in early spring.

Important fact – a colleague of Jolie on the series will be the football player and philanthropist Cristiano Ronaldo. What role is given to these celebrities in the project, so far unknown.